Terms & Definitions on the Building Characteristics Page

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2016 11:21AM EDT

Building Nickname (optional): This is the name of the building that you will see as you navigate through WegoWise.  If you leave it blank the address will display instead.

Year Built / Gut Rehabbed: If your building has been gut rehabbed, please use the date of the rehab as the year built. This will ensure that all the data is as up-to-date as possible.  Otherwise, use the date the building was constructed.  This can be rounded to the nearest decade.  

Single-family Residence: Single-family residences consist of only one dwelling unit. An apartment or condo within a larger building is considered a single-family residence, as is a single townhome.  If your home contains a rental unit, such as a basement apartment, then it is not considered a single-family residence.

Low-income housing: WegoWise defines low income housing as buildings with at least 50% low-income units.

Type of Construction: Enter what the majority of the wall area is constructed of.  The most common types of buildings in our database are "Wood or steel frame."  If you're unsure of your construction type, you can see more detail in this article.  We're also happy to help you figure it out.

Is There a Basement?: Buildings are usually constructed on either slabs, crawl spaces, basements, piers, or over parking garages.  Only mark "yes" if the majority of the building is over a basement.  

  • If you select "yes" to this question, you'll then be asked if the basement is conditioned. If you're not sure, see our article with guidance on what qualifies. 

Gross Building Size: WegoWise defines gross building square footage as the sum of each floor, measured using the outside wall, and including all supporting functions such as residential units, common areas, elevators, storage areas, vent shafts, lobbies, boiler room and basement. In other words, the whole building. For instance, you have a 2 story building with an unfinished basement.  The total square footage of the first and second floors is 2000 square feet and the basement is 1000 square feet.  Your gross building square footage is 3000 square feet.

Size of Basement: This should be the square footage you attributed to the basement when you determined the gross building size.

Number of Stories: Only count floors of the building that are above grade. Do not count attics unless they are finished and conditioned and can be considered living space.

Number of Bedrooms:  The total number of bedrooms in the building.  Studios and SROs count as 1 bedroom each.  

Has this building received a "Green Building" certification?: If your building has gone through a third party certification program that evaluated sustainability and energy efficiency measures and it was awarded a certification, select "yes."  You'll then be able to specify for which program(s) you received a certification for.  

Water/Electric/Gas/Oil Meters: You can select None, Building meters only, or Building and Apartment meters.  

  • None: If the utility isn't present in the building, choose this option.  In the case of an apartment or townhome that is being tracked, if a utility is present but not paid by the occupant then select none.  For instance, a condo owner pays for their electric and gas bill.  Water is master-metered and paid by the building owner.  The water meter should be shown as None.  
  • Building meters only: Select this option when the utility is master-metered or there are no tenant meters.  
  • Building and Apartment meters: Select this option when there are tenant meters.  Even if you don't plan to track the apartment meters, still select this option to ensure you are shown accurate information in WegoWise.
Systems - Heating, Cooling System, and Hot Water: For all, you'll need to select the type of system you have.  If you have multiple systems, select the primary one.  For heating and hot water, you'll also need to select the fuel.  Again, if you have multiple fuels, select the primary one.  For cooling you don't need to select a fuel--we assume it's electricity.  

Laundry: If there is laundry in the structure that is being tracked, select yes.  If you are tracking an apartment or condo and there is not in-unit laundry, select "no" even if there is laundry is the building.  If you select yes, you'll also need to select the dryer fuel.

Elevator: If there is an elevator in the structure that is being tracked, select yes.  If you are tracking an apartment or condo and there an elevator in the building but not in the unit, select "no."  If you select yes, you'll also need to specify how many elevators are present.

Pool: If there is a pool that utilizes the utilities attached to your building, select yes.  If you are tracking an apartment or condo and not responsible for utilities related to the pool, select "no."  If you select yes, you'll also need to specify the portion of the year it's used and if it's heated.