Understanding the WegoScore

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2017 11:14AM EST
With the use of WegoScores, users are equipped with a unique and intuitive way of understanding building performance and tracking changes over time. 

WegoScores are computed by comparing buildings in the same climate zone, and of the same size. The top-performing 5% of buildings receive scores of 100 and the most inefficient 5% receive scores of 1. In between, the score is proportional to the building's total usage, so the score is performance-based, not a ranking. 

With WegoWise setting an industry-standard for benchmarking platforms, the WegoScore is becoming more and more of a marketable aspect of building performance. Please see the links below for a more in depth explanation of how the WegoScores are derived:

The WegoScore 

Comparing Carbon WegoScores to Energy WegoScores