Building Construction

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2016 11:38AM EDT
Building construction refers to the structural walls of the building--disregard any veneer or cladding.  There are 6 possible types you can choose in WegoWise:
  • Wood or steel frame: This option will cover most buildings. If your building is "stick built," steel and glass, light gauge steel framing, or timber framing, this is the correct option. Buildings that are masonry veneer over wood or steel framing, or are metal clad with a metal skin attached to wood studs also fall into this grouping.
  • Solid concrete: Poured in place concrete, ICFs, and reinforced concrete buildings fall into this category. 
  • Masonry (load bearing): If you can see brick on the inside of your building's exterior walls, this is what you'll want to choose. If your building has been described as having double (or triple or more) wythe brick, load bearing brick, or structural brick, it falls into this category. Buildings that just have a brick veneer do not fall into this category.  
  • Modular: This refers to buildings that are shipped in pieces to the site. Components such as the walls and roofs are assembled off-site in a plant and then trucked to the building site.
  • Structurally insulated panels (SIPS): SIPS are typically panels with wood, usually OSB, on the outside and foam in the middle. Less commonly, there are SIPS with metal on either side of the foam, instead of wood.
  • Other: If none of the above descriptions match your building, this is what you'll select. Drop us a note and let us know so that we can make our list more inclusive.