Standard Benchmark Calculation

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2017 11:00AM EST

Benchmarking criteria

On the building summary page, WegoWise benchmarks a building's consumption against its database of over 48,000 buildings. The benchmarks are calculated base on the following set of standard criteria:

  • Metering structure - common area meters, whole building meters
  • Climate zone - cold, mixed-humid, etc.
  • Building type - low rise, mid rise, high rise
  • Heat and hot water fuel - gas, electric, oil, etc.

Create a customized set of benchmarks

WegoWise's standard benchmarks are designed to make the data in the platform as meaningful and consistent as possible. However, WegoWise does give users the ability to create customized reports and select benchmarking criteria that may not align with our standard filters. For assistance in creating a customized filter report, please contact