Adding a Third Party Supply Contract

Last Updated: Jun 29, 2016 01:57PM EDT

When WegoWise automatically imports data, we will try to import any third party energy supplier costs if they are listed on your bill.  If they are not listed on your bill, we will usually only be able to pull in delivery and service charges and you won't see the total charge.  To be able to see the total charge, you can enter in your supply contract information.  Using this information and your usage, we will calculate total charge. 

To add your supply contract information: 

Step 1: Click through to the specific utility account you want to add a contract to and click the "supply contract" button, outlined below in blue:

Supply contact

Step 2: Fill out the form with the details from the supply contract. Note: Many gas supply contracts are for decatherms.  WegoWise calculations are based on your cost per therm. If your cost is per decatherm, divide that cost by 10 to get your cost per therm.  

New supply contract

Step 3: You can add other buildings to the same supply contract by going to their utility account and choosing "Link to an Existing Contract"

Link existing supply contract