Editing Utility Data

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2015 04:41PM EST

WegoWise makes it easy to edit or delete individual data points, or delete many data points at once.

Step 1: Click on the utility account you wish to edit, and then click the “Edit Data” tab. (Properties > Development Name > Building Name > Utility Accounts > Account Number > Edit Data)

Edit Data

Step 2: To edit cost, usage and/or a date, double click on the cell you wish to edit.  You can tab between cells, just like you can with an Excel document.  Edit as many cells as you would like.

Edit data

Step 3: If you wish to delete rows of data, click the red circle with the white line through it.  To delete all rows of data, check the checkbox under the column header "Del."

Delete data rows

Step 4: After you make a change to the data, the header of this section will change and present the option to either "Undo Changes" that you've made or "Update Data" to confirm the changes that you've made.
Confirm changes

To get out of the edit mode, select "View Data."
View Data