The Building Upgrade Tool

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2017 01:51AM EST

WegoWise allows users to track the year over year change in utility usage and cost due to a retrofit or other building upgrades.

Step 1: To track a building retrofit, click on the "Building Upgrades" button. 

Building Upgrade

Step 2: Give the upgrade a name.

Step 3: Specify what in the building changed.  You can select as many or as few categories as you want.  

Step 4: Enter the start and end date of the retrofit.  
Retrofit dates

Step 5: Enter the pre- and post-upgrade conditions.  

Step 6: Enter cost and expected saving %.
Cost Expected Savings

Step 7:  Lastly, press the "Create Building Upgrade" button.  
Create Building Upgrade‚Äč

The building upgrade report will include a before and after comparison of the building, portraying normalized cost and consumption as represented by a year-over-year analysis. 

Below is a sample report showing total energy use before and after an upgrade. The yellow (lighter) bars represent pre-retrofit data while the orange bars represent post-retrofit data.

Building Upgrade Report

WegoWise can keep track of multiple building upgrade reports for the entire portfolio, as well as for any given building, and users can edit, view, and delete building upgrade reports by using the small action icons to the right of the upgrade summary.

A comprehensive list of building upgrades can be found by clicking on the "Building Upgrades" tab on the Dashboard screen. Specific building-level upgrades can be found by navigating to a building's summary view and selecting the "Building Upgrades" tab.

For a more in-depth and weather-normalized analysis, WegoWise offers detailed Measurement and Verification reports as part of the WegoPremium suite. If interested in this service, please contact your Account Manager or send correspondence to