Importing Data From a Spreadsheet

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2017 06:27PM EST

WegoWise allows users to easily import data from a spreadsheet using a custom importer.  Spreadsheets uploaded into WegoWise must be in .csv format, a common file type that can be created with any popular spreadsheet software (such as Microsoft Excel). 
Follow the below instructions for manually importing data from a spreadsheet:
Step 1: In the Utility Accounts page of a building, navigate to the desired account and click the “Import Data” icon, shown below.
Step 2: Define a new import template by clicking on the “Create a new template” shown here:
Define template
Step 3: Configure the template.  For each drop-down menu item, identify which row or column in the spreadsheet contains that type of data. 
*Note: Wegowise needs individual billing periods to be delineated by row, with the data from that period all in one row.
Format template
Step 4: Once completed, click the “Preview” button and double check that the template matches up to the spreadsheet.  If everything looks as desired, select “Create Template.” From the drop-down menu, select the new template.
Select template
Step 5: The template of the importer will appear. Click on the “Use this Template” button.
Use this template
Step 6: Using the "Choose File" button, choose the data spreadsheet from file and click the "Upload Data" button.
Choose file
Step 7: If the importer was able to read the spreadsheet, verify that the data points are accurate, and click “import data.”
Import Data
If the importer was unable to read the spreadsheet, the error will appear in a red-text error message.  Address the problem, and try the upload again. Common errors include incorrect file type (remember to “Save As” a .csv)  and mismatched rows or columns.  In the case of an importer mismatch, create a new template and try again. For assistance using this tool, please contact