Choosing an Account Type

Last Updated: Nov 10, 2016 10:54AM EST
WegoWise has distinct toolsets for different types of users. The first step in setting up your account is to choose what kind of user you will be.  The three options you see before activating your account translate to tracking for:
  • One single-family home or apartment
  • A portfolio of one or more multi-family buildings or single-family homes
  • A portfolio of one or more commercial buildings.

select account type

Select the option that best fits the type and number of buildings that you will be tracking in WegoWise. Continue reading for more details on the features and pricing of each account type.


WegoWise for Single-Family Homes
This account type is designed for users who would like to track their utility consumption at a single residential property, and allows buildings to be defined with criteria specific to single-family homes.   A home account does not allow multiple buildings to be tracked under one account, so choose this account type if you are only interested in tracking one home.

WegoWise for Multi-family Portfolios
A multi-family account is designed for users that need to track multi-family buildings, or multiple buildings in one or more developments.  Choose a portfolio account if you will be tracking one or more multifamily buildings, or a portfolio of multiple single-family homes.

WegoWise For Commercial Portfolios
A commercial account enables buildings to be defined with criteria that are specific to the construction-types and operational-patterns of commercial buildings.  Choose a commercial account if you will be tracking one or more commercial buildings.